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Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Samegrelo - Zemo Svaneti is located on the Black Sea coast in West Georgia, with a humid, sub-tropical, and moderate climate.

Throughout the year Samegrelo offers fantastic locations for lovers of camping, hiking, canyoning, rafting, exotic nature, as well as cozy, European style towns.

The nature, folk crafts, traditions, cultures, and folklore will surely excite you!



Georgia is very rich in landscapes, marvelous nature or centuries - old cultural monuments, and in this diversity, Samegrelo truly takes an honorable place. Ancient settlements, unique temples, and fortresses tell wonderful stories or myths, and the limit between legend and reality disappears. This side is a true oasis with beautiful valleys, waterfalls, lowlands or alpine lakes and many fascinating caves. 

Tobavarchkhili, which is tucked into the rocks creates an unforgettable impression for all visitors. 

Samegrelo also has an endemic species of Kolkheti National Reserve.

 It is impossible not to be surprised by the multitone rock called Kuakantsalia, because a simple touch is enough to make this rock shake. 

As you can see, people of different tastes can find their own little paradise in this area.

In Odishi's kingdom palaces you will discover the roots of this great civilization and discover the place where the great Virgin Mary’s Holy Robe is kept. In the museums you will find many interesting exhibits and in Zugdidi you can enjoy the unique botanical garden.

The local holidays of Vlakernoba and Kvirikoba, electronic music festivals, sports, and the entertainment events of Marula and Khintkiria are all celebrated here.

In ancient times, Samegrelo was a part of the Kingdom of Colchis. Colchis completely covered the territory of present-day western part of Georgia. Prior to the modern era, the region was also known as Lazika and Egrisi. Its political center was Archeopolis (or Nokalakevi). The myth of the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece is related to Nokalakevi. 

Nature and Heritage

There are mysterious caves and amazing canyons in our region. You will find stories of our Robin Hood, Matsi Khvitia, in Rukhi Fortress and dozens of others. The contrast of Samegrelo valleys and mountains, rare examples of architecture, castles, and towers are bound to surprise you!

Are you looking for positive experiences? Do you want to witness spectacular bird migrations, conquer stunning places, or ski? Do you want to experience our beautiful lakes and waterfalls or find yourself as a herdsman or farmer for a day? All of this is possible in Samegrelo!


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