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Culture and Heritage

In Odishi's kingdom palaces you will discover the roots of this great civilization and discover the place where the great Virgin Mary’s Holy Robe is kept. In the museums you will find many interesting exhibits and in Zugdidi you can enjoy the unique botanical garden.

The local holidays of Vlakernoba and Kvirikoba, electronic music festivals, sports, and the entertainment events of Marula and Khintkiria are all celebrated here.

In ancient times, Samegrelo was a part of the Kingdom of Colchis. Colchis completely covered the territory of present-day western part of Georgia. Prior to the modern era, the region was also known as Lazika and Egrisi. Its political center was Archeopolis (or Nokalakevi). The myth of the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece is related to Nokalakevi.