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Dadiani Palace Zugdidi

The political, administrative and cultural center of the historic Odishi Kingdom, Zugdidi is distinguished by the European style palaces, built in the nineteenth century.

Samegrelo’s Queen Ekaterine specifically invited Laz masters for the unique decoration of the balconies and the ceiling of the palace. The ceiling of the balcony of the Queen’s Palace is decorated with more than ten thousand handmade wooden panels and more than fifty thousand stunning Colchic ornaments!

Dadiani Palace is sure to amaze you!  

In addition to Dadiani, Niko’s Palace will continue your excitement with its beautiful stony balcony and the biggest ballroom in Georgia.

The Palace Museum, which also includes a Cathedral and a unique botanical garden, was opened by David Dadiani in the middle of the XIX century. Dadiani’s collection of unique numismatic materials found in the antique city of Archaeopolis (now Nokalakevi), samples of weapons, and labor tools are stored here.

While Turin, Italy stores the Shroud of Turin, Zugdidi is the home to the Virgin Mary’s Holy Robe, making it a momentous historic exhibit! 


16 - July 2020
address Dadiani Palace Zugdidi

Zugdidi, a beautiful European town in Samegrelo, celebrates the Vlakernoba public feast on July, 15. On this day, Orthodox pilgrims from all around the world gather in Zugdidi in order to worship one of the great Christian relics, the Virgin Mary’s Holy Robe, currently preserved in the Historic-Architectural Museum in the Dadiani Palaces. Once a year, on this day, the pilgrims take the robe from the Museum and carry it in the central boulevard of the town in a litany procession.

In Zugdidi, a grandiose temple after Iveria’s Virgin Mary is being built, which will host the relic of the Virgin Mary’s Holy Robe, allowing everyone to worship it, similar to the Shroud of Turin.

20 - August 2020
address Dadiani Palace Zugdidi

The Anaklia EchoWaves music festival hosts modern electronic and club music. The festival is being held for the third year and is highly popular among young people. During the entire week, after having enjoyed Anaklia's scorching sun and amazing sea, Anaklia EchoWaves offers a real oasis for those who love the sea and music!

26 - November 2020
Colchian Wine Festival "Dia"
address Dadiani Palace Zugdidi

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