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Khobi Monastery

Alexandre Dumas said, "I ended up in Georgian paradise," but he could hardly imagine that the story of the Colchic feudal hero he heard while travelling here would delight even the famous writer of the Three Musketeers! Visit Khobi to hear about the legend of the self-sacrificing Tsotne Dadiani! You can see his gravestone in the Khobi Monastery and his fresco on the monastery wall!

Khobi's architectural complex consists of a temple, palace, bell tower, and fence. From the tenth century until now, these places will tell you about the magnificence and conviction of the region, even the ruins speak here!


26 - September 2020
Megrelian Folklore International Festival in Khobi
address Khobi Monastery

Every second summer, the Megrelian Folklore International Festival gathers Megrelian ethno music and dance lovers. This day brings together the folklore grand masters from Samegrelo and all other regions of Georgia. If you want to better understand Kolkhic spirit and character, you must attend this festival!

12 - August 2019
address Khobi Monastery

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