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Martvili Canyon – Nature Monument

Martvili canyon is located in the Gachedili-Abasha Gorge, and is a ten minute drive from Martvili. The length of the canyon is 2,400 meters, with a width of up to 10 meters. The upper part of the canyon attracts boat lovers, while its lower part gathers swimmers with specially constructed limestone ladders which lead to the Oputskhole, "Dadianis’ Basin."

For hundreds of years the stunning Abashistskali River has made its way between the 40 meter high cliffs. There are small waterfalls in the canyon; among them is the most beautiful, the Kinchkha Waterfall. Here you will find endemic varieties of the Colchic forest, with a variety of moss and ferns.

Here you can enjoy the magical underwater world, where a real paradise awaits divers, in which they can dive up to 6 km in a radius of 300 meters!

Visitors can also enjoy and unforgettable boat trip in Martvili's canyon and very soon, an extreme zip-line will be opened here too!

No need to think too much, just take your backpack and go to the Colchic paradise, because what you see here goes way beyond what you hear!


25 - September 2019
address Martvili Canyon – Nature Monument

Chkondidoba is celebrated in Martvili in autumn. This day is devoted to public processions, during which the images and fragments depicting various times of life and public activities of great churchman and the court minister Giorgi Chkondideli are screened. The church service and mass for remembering the great Kolkh is held at the Martvili Cathedral.