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In the ruins of Nokalakevi (Tsikjegoji) fortress you will find the gold remains of the once rich and powerful Colchic Kingdom. The fortress city, built in the III century BC, delights visitors even today.

The Nokalakevi Archaeological Museum Reserve, located in Senaki municipality, bears witness to the significance of the early Middle Ages in the region.

Even the ruins are majestic here, where you can travel into the VI century BC and see how the first Colchic coin was cut, the Colchic Tetri! You will experience how the oldest Christian church of the Forty Martyrs of this era emerges right in front of you!

This place is a true oasis for researchers and antique lovers!

Hurry up and discover the pit and wine-jar burials, gold and bronze artifacts, and stunning ceramic sculptures of Hellenistic period!


26 - October 2019
address Nokalakevi

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