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Tourist Routes


Lakada is a pearl of Samegrelo. Here in the villages built at the foot of the Egrisi Range, you can discover magical nature, the unique life of locals, and true Megrelian character. The tour starts at Martvili Canyon and follows the north path to the foothills of Samegrelo. The total length of the road is 100 km. It consists of two sections connected to each other: Section I - From Martvili Canyons to Mukhuri Village and section II fromMukuri Village to Enguri Dam.

Tour includes following 10 locations:

Dadiani Summer Residence in Salkhino (1)

Tsachkhuri Monastery (2)

Ochkhomuri Waterfall (3)

Otsindale (4)

Mukhuri (5)

Shurubumu (6)

The Waterfalls of the River Khobistkskali (7)

Resort Skuri (8)

Intsra Valley (9)

Enguri Dam (10)

Route Details

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Distance: 150
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Season: summer
  • Equipment: Light