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The US site “The Top Tens” conducted a survey for nominating the “Best Ancient Civilizations," and according to the poll, Georgia was ranked third.

This ranking is not groundless, as the city of Poti, located in West Georgia, is a clear example for this! The city's past is still unknown and obscure, but researchers believe that the ancient Phasis is sunk in the Phasis Sea.

Poti is a port city, situated at the estuary of the River Rioni at the Kolkheti Lowland.

The Hellenistic city, built in the VI century BC, is the best storyteller of Ancient Phasis, the adventures of the Greek Argonauts, and Kolkh and Medea.


23 - September 2020
address Poti

On the last weekend of August, the public feast, Phasisoba, is celebrated in the ancient city of Poti. Public processions, various types of concerts, exhibitions, and fairs all take place on this day. In recent years, the exhibition of sea products at the Phasisoba feast has shown a growing interest.