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Under the sky of Svaneti, beautiful towers can be dreamily viewed. Nowadays, in this region, there are up to 100 family towers in almost every village. These defensive structures, predominant only in this region, are being called a miracle of architecture and have been included in the UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.

The towers, made of cobblestone and boulders, were built from the VII century in Svaneti and were meant to fortify the main part of the house.

In Svaneti Etseri you will find family towers of the Dadeshkeliani’s and the Demetriani’s.

One of the towers in Kala is called the Love Tower, and was built by a father for his beautiful daughter Miaguli, who was deeply in love with a boy, Beshqen. The voice of Miaguli, mourning for her beloved one, is heard even today, until it is eventually suppressed by howling of the Enguri River!